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Monday, October 25, 2021

New World Auto Fishing Bot Tool, Hack (Free Download) 2021

New World Fishing Bot Free Hack Download 2021

new world auto fishing bot

When playing the MMORPG New World, fishing is a key part of leveling up. You can spend hours at a time fishing to earn gold but there's also an easy way to do it with the New World Fishing Bot!

New World Auto Fishing Bot will help you fish 24/7 with up to 90% accuracy. You can gather chests, fish and sell them for more gold. I have been using this new world fishing bot hack for quite a while now.

New World Fishing Bot Tool Info
Status Undetected
Version 2.0.2
Update 25/10/2021.
Developer saxico

New World Fishing Bot Hack Features

  1. Auto Fishing.
  2. Works 24/7.
  3. Anti AFK.
  4. Auto Repair Rod.
  5. Scans for the cast.
  6. Scans for Bite.
  7. High Tension Mode
  8. Works like Human (so undetected)

Note: This New World Fishing bot only works for 1920x1080 resolution. If you are playing on a different resolution then this bot might not work for you. Also, make sure the game is on default graphics settings.

How do New World Auto Fishing Bot Cheat works?

The New World Fishing Bot is a free tool that allows players to fish in the game remotely without having to play the game on their own.

The game has a mechanic that lets you catch more fish for free which takes a lot of time and effort. With this bot it auto catches fish with the highest accuracy possible.

How to use New World Fishing Bot Script?

  1. First, Download the latest version of the new world fishing bot.
  2. After downloading install the hack.
  3. Now run the cheat while you are in-game.
  4. Make sure you align your character to do fishing and then press F5 to start.

New World Fishing Bot Hotkeys

  • F5 to start and stop the bot.
  • F6 to show and hide the detection UI bounds.

New World Fishing Bot Download Hack free

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