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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Sea of Thieves Hack 2021 Free ESP [Python] Latest Undetected

SOT Hack Free ESP Cheat Undetected 2021 New Latest

sot esp hack free

Sea of thieves is a popular online multiplayer game set in the world of pirates, its a chill game to play with your friends and fight the Kraken in the game. If you are here looking for a free working sot esp hack then you are at the right place.

Python SOT esp hack is free to use sea of thieves hack that is created in python to reduce the anticheat detection. This cheat is very fast and fully undetected.

Sea of thieves esp hacks are very hard to find on the internet so here we are with a new sot hack that is fully undetected. Read the topic carefully for instructions.

SOT Hacks Info
Status Undetected
Version Works with the latest version of the Game.
Update 22/05/2021
Developer DougTheDruid

What is Python?

Python is a programming language that's wildly popular and is used for making quick and massive projects. Python is mostly used for machine learning and AI.

Can I get ban while using this?

Cheating is dangerous we all know that. This cheat is fully safe to use but if you spam it people can report you and you can get banned as well. So be safe while using it and check the website occasionally for updates.

Features of SOT Hack 2021 Free

  • Secure Injection.
  • Auto Updates offsets
  • ESP Mode
  • Line ESP
  • Treasure ESP
  • Loot ESP
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Ship ESP
  • and many more

How to execute

At the time of writing, the script is built for a version of SoT with ~5 weeks left in Season 2, and given you have the necessary pre-requisites, should execute with no major issues. Simply run once you are on a server.

How to use Sea of Thieves Hack 2021

  1. How to update for new SoT Versions
  2. If there has been a game version update:
  3. Load into a game server
  4. Open Cheat Engine
  5. Open the SoTGame.exe process in Cheat Engine
  6. Change your "value type" to an "Array of byte"
  7. One-by-one enter the patterns found at the top of (uWorld, gName, gObject)
  8. Hit scan. Upon scanning, you should get one or two results, the top result is the one we want
  9. Extend the "Address" column to see all the data. Anything after "SoTGame.exe+" is our base offset
  10. Update the relevant BASE offsets in at the top
  11. If after performing those updates the hack is still not working, you may also need to update offsets found in the offsets.json file. If so, update the offsets according to the latest SDK (this repo has been my go-to, with a custom script to read data out of the files automatically).
  12. Running the script in Debug mode (set debug=True in and utilize PyCharms Debug feature), may help you identify what offsets are not working correctly and need updating.
  13. Note: There are some offsets hardcoded into the program, it is possible those hardcoded offsets CAN change and cause your issues.

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