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Friday, October 16, 2020

Orisis Light Ultra Legit CSGO Free Hack Latest CS Anticheat [New Release]

Ultra Legit CSGO Free hack - Orisis Light More Improved Version.

orisis lite free hack

Hello everyone CSGO is one of the oldest games, Everybody has played CSGO and many people still play csgo because its really hard and fun to play with friends, If you are having a hard time in csgo and you are unable to push ranks in csgo then don't worry we have the best CSGo free cheat for you its called orisis light.

Orisis Light is just an advanced, downgraded and more secure version of the Original orisis hack, Orisis free hack is really a popular csgo hack and many people use this cheat because its easy to use, There's a developer called ephelogy has made this csgo ultra legit cheat for everyone to use.

This a mini and downgraded version of orisis, it's created for people who have low end pcs and who want to play fully legit, Its not hvh csgo cheat so it doesn't have many features.

Status: Outdated
Version: 16/10/2020
Developer: ephelogy

Orisis Light Legit CSGO Hack Features:

CSGO Aimbot hack
CSGO Backtrack hack
CSGO Triggerbot hack
CSGO Free Legit Cheat

Cheat Instructions:

1. Download zip file from the below
2. Then add dll in the same folder as the injcore.exe and gui wrapper.exe
3. Now Run GUI Wrapper.exe file
3. Now Enter the name of the dll-file you want to inject in the game.
4. Simply Click Inject and Done.

IMPORTANT: The injector will take some time to rehash and change the signature of the DLL files So the injection time will be a little longer for some people depending on their pc config making the cheat impossible to detect.

Orisis light Legit Free Hack :

This hack is an ultra free legit hack so it will also work on low-end pc as well like a potato pc that can barely run csgo,

Many of the features of the main orisis hack has been removed and the code is restructured to make the cheat run smooth and undetected.

Features Like:

  • Skin Changer
  • Fake Ban
  • Kill message
  • And many other un necessary items have been removed to make it super legit for people who don't wanna get caught.

Download Free CSGO Cheat for free:

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