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Sunday, June 13, 2021

LOL Free Hack - Auto Accept, Insta lock, Skin Changer, Rank Changer 2021

Free League of Legends Hack SkinChanger, Auto accept, insta lock, and more

league of legends cheats

League of Legends is one of the most popular games out there if you are looking to have little extra fun then you have come to the right place we are here with a new lol hack that is really simple and doesn't get you to ban, its a simple hack. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and it's just amazing.

Do you also want the sickest skins in the league of legends but are you poor just like me? use this amazing working skin-changer with this, you can use them all but then for free.

This is working undetected and great, it's easy to use, and one of the best parts is that u don't have to pay for this skin-changer.

Status: Undetected
Version: 12/06/2021
Developer: Codex and Beakers

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League of Legends Hack Features:

  • Skin Changer
  • Auto Accept
  • Chat Rank Changer
  • Insta lock

Info about features
  1. Skin Changer: Change your boring skins to something new. (Tap INSERT to open menu)
  2. Auto Tell lane: If enabled, auto tells the lane to teammates in which lane you are or the enemies are.
  3. Auto Accept: Accept instantly when you find a match.
  4. Chat Rank Changer: Will change your rank in chat, you can make it something higher.
  5. Instant Lock: You can auto pick your champion with this in normal games.
  6. Restart LOL Client: Just Restart your client.
  7. Clear stuff sets: Clear all stuff sets after you have switched the account.
  8. Auto Disconnect: Disconnect Valak Client from League of Legends every game start. (Will be connected after game end).

Valak Client - Change Logs

v5.1.4.2 - May 22 2021
- Added: Menu type for skin changer (Internal or External)
- Fixed: Item sets clear in the new version of the League Client
- Fixed: Champion lock bug.
- Fixed: Auto-ready bug.
- Added: Many protections in skin module.
- Updated: Updated Valak Client and Skin Changer to League 11.10 (All skins released included).

v5.1.4.1 - April 29 2021
- Added: timer set for Auto Say function.
- Fixed: high CPU usage when looking ofr the league of legends process
- Fixed: bug with Valak Client not detecting League of Legends after restarting by "Restart League of Legends" function
- Fixed: bug on change instant lock champion
- Added: option to disconnect the Valak Client on game start (for low computer settings, reducing memory consumption)
- Added: option to clear item sets every account switch
- Added: icon changer to hidden icons.
- Improvements: Insta Lock system
- Improvements: Detection system.
- Updated: Valak Client to League of Legends 11.9
* Skin Module: Some fixes in Sona PsyOps
* Skin Module: Fixed Kindred mark in map.
* Skin Module: Fixed Zed Galaxy Slayer Animation
* Skin Module: Added option to disable loaded successfully sound
* Skin Module: Updated ImGui Framework to 1.82 (Faster)
* Skin Module: Updated Skin Module to League of Legends 11.9
* Skin Module: Added skins: DWG Jhin, DWG Nidalee, DWG Kennen, DWG Leona, DWG Twisted Fate, Conqueror Jax, and Conqueror Jax Prestige Edition

v5.1.4.0 - April 15, 2021:
- Fix: Auto Accept friends request
- Fix: Champions owned in Garena server.
- Fix: The last champion owned not showing.
- Fix SkinModule game check-in Garena server.

LOL free Cheat Instructions:

1. Download The Cheat For Free Below
2. Unzip File Onto Desktop
3. Run the client as admin.
4. Happy Cheating.

Before you start reading the thread, this cheat is posted for educational purposes.

Download LOL SkinChanger for free:

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