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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Among Us Hacks - Beyond Us, Kill Cooldown, Reveal Imposter Teleport and More.

Among us Free Cheat 2020- Teleport, See Imposter, Speed Hacks, and more

among us hacks

Do You Search For Hacks For Games On youtube and only find malware and fakes? Look no further, you have come to the right place! we post daily free hacks for all sorts of games.

This one is about Among us, this cheat has an amazing looking GUI and is easy to use, it has a lot of features that working Great, I have been using this cheat for a couple of days now and it's extremely fun to use as well (trolling friends is a recommendation) 

There is not much to say, just use it right now! its working great and fully undetected atm!

Status: Undetected
Version: V1
Developer: dr0wn3d

Among Us Cheats PC + Android + iOS: Click here

Among us hacks features:

Custom Items
Reveal Imposter
Force Imposter (client-sided) 
And more!

Among us cheat Instructions:

1. Download File From Below And Extract To Desktop
2. Download any simple Injector
3. Start Among us
4. Inject .DLL into AmongUs.exe
5. Press Insert key to open menu Boom Ready :)


This is a very simple mod, please don't abuse mods and destroy other people gameplay just use it for fun and educational purpose.

Download Beyond Us for free:

Your download will automatically starts in 

All the files we post here are tested by our staff members all files are clean and working. Please check the status of the file before downloading it, Thanks



  1. my game crash injecting the mod

  2. how do i update my game cause im on a cracked version with all the pets and stuff?

    1. download latest crek version from google search easy i can't post links here

  3. wait how are people talking on oct 4th


  5. where to download the zip file?

  6. So, you will doing the russian letters and symbols support?
    Because, I see just question mark vice the nicks.

  7. When I force imposter in a 1 imposter game, it ends up having 2 imposters. how can I fix this?