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Monday, May 31, 2021

VALORANT Hack OpenCV Aimbot 2021 (Legit/Rage) Undetected

Valorant Free Hack No Recoil & Triggerbot Only 2021 Updated

free valorant cheats

A great cheat on VALORANT that you can download for free from our site. Previously, we already posted a similar cheat, and now we are bringing to your attention a new free working Aimbot/triggerbot on VALORANT. 

This hack is also managed using the menu and You can easily configure it yourself, or use our ready-made settings. This Aimbot is easy to configure for both Legit games and Rage games, choose for yourself. At the moment, this hack is not banned but still use this hack at your own risk.

Valorant Hack Info
Status Undetected
Version Works with the latest version of the Game.
Update 31/05/2021
Developer Meow0408

Valorant Only Triggerbot Free Hack Latest:

Valorant ESP Only Released Today Download for free:

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your game account.

Hi everyone... How are you guys? today we are presenting you valorant hack, aimbot, triggerbot and No recoil.

How to use Valorant Triggerbot/No Recoil Hack:

Section 1:

  • rename_me.exe = aimbot
  • opencv_world452.dll = OpenCV library from:

How to use:

  1. Basically just run the game (war fork, quake live, quake champions, or diabolical) in window mode or borderless then run this hack and switch to your game window. 
  2. The hack will auto-detect your screen resolution. Simply Press ESC Key.
  3. Aimbot aims at MAGENTA by default. Set enemy models' color to magenta/purple/violet. Aimkey is SHIFT by default.

How to change settings or aimkey

Hack autosaves settings to ocvaim.ini. Press INSERT to toggle overlay menu and use arrows to navigate, or open ocvaim.ini with a text editor to edit settings.


  • Turbo mode will downsample everything, super-fast, use it if you can but esp will not scale properly.
  • DXGI mode works better at higher resolutions, off is better for low res. DXGI mode works in fullscreen but overlay does not.
  • ALT + F1 can toggle aimbot on/off.
  • draw text, DRAWING, or DRAWELLIPSE 1 enables overlay, if all three are set to 0 overlays is not loaded and can not be enabled until you reenable one of these settings in ocvaim.ini.
  • Min approx size is set to 10 by default, this will ignore angular and rectangle shapes, set to 0 if you want to scan for health bars in a different game.
  •  If a game requires admin rights to run, only then run this hack as admin too (swbf2).
  • OpenCV dilation performance was poor, had to replace it with stars (faster method)
  • debug window affects performance, only use for debugging you can scan for two colors ColorMin1 & Max1 & ColorMin2 & Max2 etc. see ocvaim.ini.

How to debug settings, or how to change colors

  1. Change SHOWDEBUGWINDOW 0 to SHOWDEBUGWINDOW 1, look at your target (or screenshot of your target) and use the tracker sidebar to find the correct HSV colors.
  2. Replace old colors with the new values in ocvaim.ini. You can add two colors, ColorMin, and ColorMin2, etc.

The hue values for ColorMin and ColorMax are:
  • Orange:  0-22
  • Yellow: 22- 38
  • Green:  38-75
  • Blue: 75-130
  • Violet: 130-160
  • Red:  160-179 and 0-10

SaturMin and SaturMax = intensity/purity of color
BrightMin and BrightMax = brightness of color

Download Valorant Hack for free:

Your download will automatically starts in

All the files we post here are tested by our staff members all files are clean and working. Please check the status of the file before downloading it, Thanks



  1. Best working hack thanks man

  2. thanks tannoure for this

  3. Best hack ever

  4. givr me a your discord linke

  5. the exe file closes the second i open it what do i do

    1. please see that its outdated use the different version

  6. Replies
    1. ive set it like tutorial you said, and ive test it in training, but i dont think its working, can you tell me how is this work?

  7. idk if its actually workig. what is the hotkey for activatinf this?

  8. Hey python what is your discord?

  9. update and add menu, changer fov coloraimbot,esp PLS!!!

  10. is this still working? i cant seem to make this work even tho i set the instructions carefully

  11. afk script recoil and aimbot will never work because mouse movement have been patch 2 weeks ago

    1. yea people are saying that but you can test it the no recoil first 6 bullets does work and about the aim its a color aim it does work aim at cheat set color yellow and crosair yellow green easy try for ur self,

    2. its not working does is still work?

  12. how the aim part will work if the script use dll call mouse movement and the game blocks it ? '-'

  13. So...i wanted to ask one thing there is a possibility for ESP hack?

  14. Nothing works tried ll valorant hacks

  15. is it still working now? pls update it

  16. "Failed to initalize rzctl"
    can someone help me pls?

  17. Eroor occurring
    OpenCV : terminate handler is calledb! The last openCV error is
    Open CV(4.4.2) Error : Assertion failed (!ssize.empty()) in cv:: resize, file c:/build/master_winpack-build-win64-vc15/open
    Cv/modules/imgproc/src/resize.cop ,line 4051

  18. Replies
    1. you need a very powerful gpu for this to work

  19. What are the colour settings control set for this? Also how do you have aimbot but mine is just aim yourself and triggerbot only

  20. This is not working when your quality was on 50%. Meaning it can only be used with decent or high-end pc.