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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Kiddions Mod Menu GTA V Best Free Mod Undetected 2021

Kiddions Mod Menu GTA 5 Hack, GTA V Online Hack Menu Undetected 2021

kiddions mod menu

Hello everyone, if you are tired of getting ban by using bad cheats in GTA 5. We are here with Kiddion mod menu GTA V is a really famous and safest GTA 5 Mod Menu ever made.

Kiddion's Mod Menu GTA 5 Hack is a really old and well-known hack in GTA online, The hack is fully undetected it has many cool features, like GTA 5 money hack, car fly, vehicle spawner, recovery, and many more.

Cheat GTA 5 Kiddion Mod Menu
Status Undetected
GTA Version GTA V Online 1.54 Mod Menu
Cheat Version
Update 24/03/2021
Developer Kiddion

Kiddions Mod Menu Information and features

kiddions mod menu free gta 5 menu

Kiddions Mod Menu is currently the most downloaded GTA 5 Online Mod menu. I personally use this mod menu and trust it fully, It's fully undetected, This Mod Menu is very simple and easy to use.

Kiddions Mod Menu Features

  • Autospawner vehicles
  • Safe recovery option
  • Troll other players :)
  • Daily Updates
  • Spawner
  • Weapons
  • Working Protections
  • RP
  • Recoveries

Changelogs v0.8.11.1:

  • (Weapons) Added Time B/W Bullet control.
  • (Weapons) Added Impact of bullet
  • (Protections) Added Cayo Perico protection
  • (Protections) Added report Protection New stats protection 
  • (GUI) Improved UI

Can you use cheats in GTA 5 Online?

The answer to this question is pretty simple Yes, you can easily hack in GTA 5 Online, even though you can hack in any game, Moreover games like GTA 5 have so many hacks. try your experience with kiddions mod menu.

How do you hack GTA 5?

Hacking GTA 5 is simple, you just need to download the hack from our site after that simply follow the instructions and use but make sure you know what you are doing.

How to use Kiddions Mod Menu GTA 5

  1. Download the zip file from below.
  2. Open GTA5 and wait for the game to load.
  3. Now Run the Hack
  4. Read the disclaimer, and click ok.

Kiddion Mod Menu Gameplay


  • F5 - show/hide menu.
  • Num 0 to go back,
  • Num 8 and Num 2 for up/down.
  • Num 4 and Num 6 to decrease/increase values.
  • Num 5 to activate.

Download Kiddions Mod Menu GTA 5 for Free

Your download will automatically starts in

All the files we post here are tested by our staff members all files are clean and working. Please check the status of the file before downloading it, Thanks


Thanks for reading, I hope you all understand how you can easily hack GTA 5 if you need any more help simply DM me on Discord: Python#1111


  1. Replies
    1. read Instructions if u need help join discord and ask help there

  2. Replies
    1. Entschuldigung aber leider Funktioniert keines der angegebenen Passw├Ârter 123 oder wie lautet das richtige Passwort

  3. Is there a way for this to overlap gta? everytime i load up the menu it overlaps everything except the actual game, nothing in the directions explain this

  4. anyway to overlap game? instructions dont specify really

  5. Don’t trust free mod menus. If a person spent time to build an undetectable mod menu just so people could freely use it, they’d be a lot more popular than Luna. Seriously I wouldn’t trust running this on your main account.

  6. Just wanna say hi, and love the cheats

  7. Does this work with cmg five m?

  8. Fatal Error. I think it got patched

  9. hi my money drop doesnt work why?

  10. 123 and isn't working for me

  11. hey it says it was updated today but when i try to lanch the program it says "unable to find required GTA5 offsets(23)"

    1. the game updated please wait for new update

  12. When will they put the new update?

    1. i am waiting too guys. if u put it out today i will pay u 5 dollars

    2. Please wait and we don't need money everything is free here so enjoy, Just give us some time, always we will post a money mod today so add the site to bookmarks and visit daily or join discord for direct updates

    3. Updated to latest 30/12/2020

  13. Hey its says 1.52 dose it mean it's updated?

  14. this menu is garbage. it has no protections from other modders.

  15. it says destination file can not be loaded when I try to extract. Idk how to use it without extracting.
    Someone plz help