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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Apex Legends Hacks Free - Direct EFI Glow and Aimbot [Hard to use] Safe

EFI Method Hack Apex Glow, Aimbot, Undetected, Free ESP Hack 2020

free apex esp hacks

Hello everyone, Apex new season has started and it's hard, I am really enjoying the season it's really amazing, If you are struggling in the game and looking for apex legends hacks free? then you have come to the right place.

Today I am presenting you a hack that's the only undetected free hack on internet atm for apex, The hack is a little hard to use, But if you managed to run it then you will have a lot of fun with it.

It's highly recommended guys I can bet that you will be amazed after using it. But there are always risks in using free cheats because many people are already using it so chances of getting banned are more, but many people said they are using this hack from the old season and they still managed to stay undetected. So the rest is on you.

Status: Undetected
Version: 1.2.2
Developer: TheCruZ

Disclaimer: Before you start reading the thread, I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer. Use it at your own risk.

GameVersion Support = v3.0.3.454

Note: Aimbot doesn't work well for people playing the game below 60fps.

Instructions Apex Legends Hacks Free:

  • Disable secure boot from BIOS.
  • Your windows must be installed in UEFI.
  • If you don't have UEFI Windows installation install windows again with UEFI method
  • Remember when you boot windows from the USB stick you need to boot in UEFI-Mode.
  • Make sure your Windows is X64 Bit.
  • Requirements in Screenshot Below

Simplified Instructions: (Thanks to SirCoDre)

  1. Go to BIOS then Disable Secure boot ( google how to do this bruh )
  2. Disable Legacy Boot Mode and Enable UEFI
  3. Reinstall Windows 10 Pro X64 in UEFI (if you don't have)
  4. Update windows to latest.
  5. Install all Visual C++ Libraries (google all in one Visual c++ libraries and download)
  6. Reboot Pc and enter your USB Stick.
  7. Enter the boot menu and choose your USB-STICK ( UEFI )
  8. Now type "FS0:" and then ls ( If you see somewhere "Memory.efi" ) all good.
  9. If you dont see Memory.efi try "FS1:" then "ls" or "FS2:" then "ls" or "FS3:" then "ls" or "FS4:" then "ls".
  10. If you found the Memory.efi now type "Load Memory.efi".
  11. Wait for 5/10 seconds and then type "Exit".
  12. Now boot in your Windows 10
  13. Now open "Notepad.exe" (Run as Admin)
  14. Now drag and drop the CRZAimbot.dll in INJ.exe
  15. Now type in that cmd "notepad.exe" and press ENTER.
  16. If you hear multiple beeps everything it's ok, but if you hear a single long beep it's not ok.
  17. Now you need to make your settings in the cheat, follow down bellow for the most common and good settings.

Still don't Understand? More Video Instructions:

Load memory efi: https://streamable.com/sdp5pg
-If no blue screen try: https://streamable.com/56ibdm (Tip: Some other people report that the disk partitions need to be configured as GPT)
Launch CRZAimbot: https://streamable.com/b9ud7u

New Method to use cheat:

  • I found a very easy way to load this to avoid having stuck in BIOS
  • For Anyone Who is having Trouble Loading this in BIOS such as Black Screen Problem or BIOS Getting Stuck after Loading the Memory.efi.
  • You Need (1) Flash Drive
  • Install AIOBootExtractor
  • Open AIOBootExtractor and Choose "AutoInstall Bootloaders" then Click OK

  • Put the memory.efi ONLY in the flash drive, DONT INCLUDE the EFI Folder.
  • Now restart your PC and Boot into USB
  • A bootloader will show up, then Select rEFInd
  • Now find the option that says "Boot Memory.Efi from bla bla bla" select that and enter
  • The screen will flicker for a second
  • Then now choose Load from Windows Boot Manager so it will now boot to your OS
  • That's it!

Download Free Apex Legends hacks Now:

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All the files we post here are tested by our staff members all files are clean and working. Please check the status of the file before downloading it, Thanks

Password: gamingforecast.com


  1. plz hack apex free

    1. Its free dude but hard to use ( i updated it )

    2. It's really really hard to use lmao

  2. Feature looks cool. Is it still UD?

  3. Have this menu mod for PS4 ? if yes i have interest

  4. Updated to latest today 21/08/2020

  5. Replies
    1. if you hear long beep you are doing something wrong

  6. just a quesiton, do i haveto do the launching the crzaimbot step again every time i close apex or nah?

  7. how can i turn off this cheat from Bios ?
    i mean i dont want other accounts get banned !

  8. Admin how do i make the usb bootable in uefi mode? it wont show up in uefi in bios for me and if i do open it in uefi mode i cant copy the files in the usb,any help??

    1. Google it bro I cant explain everything in topic, its easy though

  9. i follow all the step but stuck on step no.10
    when i load memory.efi
    i saw a glimpse of load succesfull(big logo trademark or smthing)
    but just a glimpse
    then my monitor went dark
    pc still running
    monitor still runinng but just went dark

    all requirement is checks out

    i dnt know wht went wrong

    1. i cant type exit ,. it just blank ,,, 30min still blank

      then restart pc manually
      try drag and drop the CRZAimbot.dll in INJ.exe

      long beep happen

      my issue is i stuck on step no.10
      "load memory.rfi" = blank screen = cant type exit

    2. send me ur system specs everthing about it windows version too on discord

    3. already did ,.. did request a ticket , someone did try help me, but dead end,. the conversation ticket section gone

    4. you can directly ask the developer of the mod I can send u his discord if u like

  10. Admin just tell me that when ever i restart my pc should i have to innect memory.efi again or i should just do the abot file injection only?

  11. After load memory.efi success , the underscore keep blinking , no option to enter exit command ,

    Whts wrong

  12. Files on video is not the same as downloaded ,

    No file contain Microsoft > boot

  13. after type load memory.efi....my screen going dark eternality, can u help me?
    i used 1150 ecs h81 motherboard

  14. its hard to use u need to know what you re doing bedore doing it

    1. yea but not that hard who know how to do stuff

  15. hey, the video is hidden for me, do i have to load the cheat before starting apex or should i do it when i play the game?

    1. just dont boot the system, u can directly inject after opening notepad, if u boot load drivers agian

  16. how to use aimbot? its not working for me.

  17. This ahk is detected, dont use people, only works for 2 - 3 days and you get ban.

  18. "Game violation detected" Easy Anti Cheat. Update please

  19. please, make the on / of button for aimbot in game, i dont want too show off.

    thank you so much for the free cheat <3

  20. I follow all steps and hak not working, today not work on apex.

  21. NOT WORKED :(, tested 11/09/2020 (After Update), Please update the cheat :).

    thank you

  22. does it work with the new patch ? this is old now almost month

  23. never mind i tried it and it doesn't work i hope you guys update it asap
    i just downloaded the game couple days ago and found this hack today
    i missed the game so much

  24. its working but over some time playion 5-15 min my pc goes off anyone know why ?