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Friday, October 2, 2020

PUBG Mobile Radar Hack, Emulator, Android, iOS, Undetected [New Version]

PUBG Mobile Radar Hack, Best Undetected Hack for PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile esp hack radar

Hello everyone, Just here with a new and legit hack for pubg mobile emulator hack users, This will never give you ban I can guarantee that because this hack is not esp, not aimbot, its simply a radar hack that's external, No one can even suspect that you are hacking.

I have been using it for a couple of days and it's really good and pretty accurate. I hope you all will enjoy it.

Status: Undetected
Developer: Unknown Cheats
Last Updated: Today

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PUBG Mobile Radar Hack:

You can use this on ios/emulator/android.

If you want to play on your android or ios phone, you need to install wifi hotspot on your PC. And connect to it with your phone.


A working brain


1) Download & Install winpcap.

2) Now Select the correct winpcap device, which will sniff packets.

The archive contains an exe that will help you to do this. 

To check if the device is properly selected

Just select the device and download anything in the browser.

If packet 1 packet 2 packet 3 etc will be written
So the correct device is selected. 

If not, restart and find the correct one. This is only necessary for the first run. The following times you can immediately start the radar.

3) Start the radar, click the Start button, and then start the game.


Your position is displayed on the island. Before you land.
Vehicles will not be displayed until no one uses them in the current match.

Download Free PUBG Mobile Hack:

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  1. Followed the instruction bro the radar is just blank

  2. The radar its just white screen, please help

  3. Bro is it fit in window 7, because in v1.1 it is showing aplication dosnt start caractely error
    Please help bro

    1. I didnt tested it on win 7, can you test and tell me?

  4. only detect bots.. pls update it.

  5. Pressing start doesn't show any map, just tried yesterday.

  6. I can't install it. Please make a video tutorial please

  7. This cheat is not for me bcz it requires a working brain

    1. Brain is missing on other side. (It doesn't work)

  8. Dear its still blank not working i like your job and thanks for your effort

  9. I have followed all of the steps. But the radar shows nothing. Help me pls!!!

  10. where is the radar for Sanhok, Vikendi and Livik??

  11. not working brother, tell us what's wrong or make a video