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Monday, July 20, 2020

Free Fortnite Hacks PC - Project X, ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil [New Version]

Fortnite Free Hacks Download 2020

free fortnite hack pc

Hello everyone, I am back with another amazing Free Fortnite hacks, As well know Fortnite has been played by a lot of hackers lately, Many people in the game are hacking, and using stuff like ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil.

So, It has become really hard to compete against players these days in Fortnite. So today I am here with the best new free hack for Fortnite.

Many of you know about a hack called Project X which is really popular in Fortnite and its paid we all know that. But due to the recent fight between the two developers of Project X Fortnite hack, One of them decided to leak the source code of the hack.

So here we are again on the same road, One of our folks got hands on the code 4u4play. He is one of the most popular developers of Fortnite, apex hacks and he has been providing all these hacks for free.

Support 4u4play by joining his official discord channel:

Now Project X Free Version is Known as Free X by 4u4play

Status: Wait for new version please
Version: Beta
Developer: Project X (Remake By 4u4play)

Free Fortnite Hacks Features:

fortnite free aimbot hacks

Fortnite Esp Hack
Fortnite Aimbot Hack
Fortnite No Recoil Hack
Fortnite Spoofer free


1. Disable antivirus
2. Turn on discord with overlay on.
3. Load drivers first that are given in the download link. (run as admin make sure drivers are successfully loaded)
4. Now run the game.
5. Run the hack as admin in the lobby. (make sure game is in windows fullscreen mode)
6. The cheat will not inject, Menu will popup Enjoy :)

Fortnite Free Hack Gameplay:

Download Rust Hacks for free:

Your download will automatically starts in

To download the file copy-paste the URL in the popup window to Download.


  1. Replies
    1. I try but its not showing the menu

    2. oh i forgot menu popus by itself if its succesfully injected try windows fullscreen mode and then inject

  2. do i need to download every single driver?

    1. no i will suggest u use only driver number 2

  3. i have error.
    discord name tell me
    about error is ALTdriver error
    im japanese

  4. the altdriver 2 is not available

  5. Fortnite flies when using freeX

  6. people who r getting errors new version is coming soon so don't worry

  7. The game crashe when i load the hack

    1. its outdated as u an see its mentioned in topic as well so wait for new version