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Saturday, August 1, 2020

OTC | OneTap Crack - Free CSGO HVH Hack 2020 | Undetected

CSGO FREE RAGE HACK | 2020 | Download

One-tap Crack

csgo rage hack

Status: Undetected
Price: Free
Last update: 01.08.2020


* Visual overlay
* Esp box
* Esp outline
* Esp skeleton
* Chams
* Visible only chams
* Colour customizable
* Crosshair
* Enemy only chams
* Aimbot
* Aimfov
* Chose aim bones
* Aimbot hotkey
* Legit aimbot
* Ragebot
* Antiaim
* Spinbot
* Thirdperson enable
* Weapon chams
* Auto defuse
* Save/load config

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free csgo hack

Hello guys, are you bored with being killed by rage hackers? Then this cheat is for you. Now you can kill all of them :D This is a cracked version of one tap which is currently working. So, you can use it in hvh servers and if you want to use it in your non-prime competitive matches, you can do that too. This cheat will help you to kill the rage hackers. You can do spinbot with this and the anti aim will help you to not to get hit by enemies. All you need to do is get a good config or you can make your own config. Download onetap hack for free.

Enjoy the cheat. Only HVH is real !!!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer. Use at your own risk.

rage csgo hack free

How to use the cheat :

1. Download the cheat (.dll) from below
2. Run csgo in windowed fullscreen
3. Use any undetected injector to inject it (saz inject0r)
4. Press "insert" for menu

Necessary to make cheat work:
Multi-core processing/Multicore rendering
Add startup parameters -disable_d3d9ex

How to make it fully undetected (optional)

Download OTC Free here:

Your download will automatically starts in

To download the file copy-paste the URL in the popup window to Download.
Password: gamingforecast.com