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Friday, April 17, 2020


😎Pubg Lite CFF Hook😎

Private cheat better and cheaper

pubg lite cheap hack

Status: Undetected
Price: 16$ only per month
Developer: Cff team (AsartSonyX, Fidanzza, Vv04vvrn8) Featured by Gamingforecast

Features :

- Name: Display nicknames.
- Box: Display 2D squares around the players.
- Health: Displays lives.
- Bone: Displays the skeleton.
- Crosshair: Display a crosshair in the middle of the screen.
- Line: Displays lines to the players.
- Text Size: Resize text.

MEM: * Works only with AimBot.
- Recoil CORRECTION: Recoil Correction.
- Sway CORRECTION: Correction of weapons rolling.

- Grenade: Display grenades.
- Health: Displays first-aid kits.
- Health Top: Display rare first aid kits.
- Armor: Displays armor.
- Armor Top: Display rare armor.
- Car: Imaging technique.
- Weapon: Weapon display.
- Weapon Top: Display rare weapons.
- Air: Airdrop display.
- Attach: Display modules for weapons.
- Attach Top: Displays the TOP modules for weapons.
- Text Size: Resize text.
- Key: Panic key for loot.

- Aim: Turn on the aimbot.
- FOV: Show the range of the aimbot.
- Speed: Adjusts the speed of the aimbot.
- FovSize: Adjust the radius of the aimbot.
- Key: Aimbot will work when pressed with a key.
- Bone: Part of the theme that the aimbot will aim at.
- LMB: Activation of aimbot on the Left mouse button.
- Radar: Turn on / off the radar.
- Pos X: Change the position of the radar along the X-axis.
- Pos Y: Change the position of the radar along the Y-axis.
- Size Value: Resize the radar.
- Scale Value: Scale the radar.
- Box Aplha: Resize boxes.
- Text Size: Resize text.

- Menu the "F6" or "Home" key
- Panic button "Delete" 
- Loot Panic button "NUMPAD 0" / Button to disable the loot "NUMPAD 0".

Hello everyone today we are presenting you another premium cheat for pubg lite. Now, this is something you guys need to know if I can say in one word about this cheat "It's outstanding". I have to say outstanding because it lasted for a really long time being undetected. You can find many cheats in online market but they won't last long like this cheat. Its been 5 months and still it didn't get detected by anti-cheat. Otherwise, the features are also very good which will help you to win every match. The cheat is highly recommended to use :)

Cheat video:

Menu screenshots :

Disclaimer: Before you start reading the thread, I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer. Use at your own risk.

Game version: Garena / Official launcher (last stable version)
Supported OS: Windows 10 (x64 only) (1903/1909)
Supported processors: Intel / AMD
Game mode: Works only in windowed mode
Coder/Developer: AsartSonyX, Fidanzza, Vv04vvrn8
Supported anti-cheats: In-game Anti-Cheat

How to Buy this Hack:

1. Click this link to buy
2. Download EXloader to run the cheat:
3. Having any problems? send message here -
4. Join gaming forecast discord -


  1. I just bought the cheat its so cool.. Haha easy wins xD and no ban thank you gaming forecast and cff team <3

  2. Looks great will buy soon ��

  3. Got it recently and it worked like a charm. For 16$ this cheat is damn good <3

  4. I am also using this cheat its great but what is the best aimbot settings?

    1. Try using aim speed at 50 and aim fov 10-15 is decent

  5. Awesome cheat and cheap also. Thanks bro for this

  6. Replies
    1. yes its 1 month key for 16$ you can buy and next time talk in english

  7. Replies
    1. Pass is correct and for further help join cff and gamibg forecast discord and dm admins

  8. I am using it rn. Cheat is really good but can you please add aimbot to work only on visible enemy? Cause it locks aim to them who are behind wall. Otherwise this cheat is a beast at 16$

    1. thanks for your feedback. I will tell to the developer

  9. The cheat menu font got updated? It looks different today

    1. Yeah font and some other things got updated recently