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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Apex Legends Free Cheat ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil, Best 2020

Apex Legends Free Hack ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil 2020 Latest

apex legends new hack

Status: Outdated
Version: [19/04/2020]
Developer: giverofdata

Hello Readers, "Apex legends" is one of the most famous battle royales of all time, and the good thing is it's free in the market place and still, have maintained its position among the other paid battle royale games like PUBG. Eventually, Since the day Apex Legends released, it attracted a lot of players in a short amount of time. Even though during the early phase of the game, many popular YouTubers like Shroud and Ninja also started playing the game and began streaming it regularly.

Apex Legends Macro Free | No Recoil | Undetected 2020:

Apex Legends Free Hack, ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil Download now:

Apex Legends External - ESP, Aimbot, Radar and More | Undetected 2020

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- Silent [on/off]
- Ignore knocked [on/off]
- No sway/recoil [on/off]
- Aim to closest bone [on/off]
- Max FOV [1-180]
- Smooth [1-30]
- Distance [20-1500]


- Player ESP [on/off]
- Name [on/off]
- Health [on/off]
- Glow [on/off]
- Loot [on/off] (may not be working in a moment)
- Crosshair [on/off]
- ESP distance [50-1500]
- Loot distance [20-150]

How to use free apex cheat

Hello, guys today we are offering you a 1hour trial of apex legends free, all you have to do is follow the steps here, and it only works for 1 user only, you cant log out then login with another user.

Step 1: go to the link below
Your download will automatically starts in

To download the file copy-paste the URL in the popup window to Download.
Password: gamingforecast.com

Step 2: Press Free Trial For 1H ( download)

Step 3: you will be redirected to a Chinese website where you will find a blue button press it to download the hack.

Step 4: Extract the zip file on your desktop

Step 5: make sure the game is not running, but you are logged in with your origin account.

Step 6: Open GOD-APEX.exe

Step 7: you will find a blank field saying " your player name " on the first tab, second and third tab is for a paid hack, do not bother with them unless you have paid the hack.

Step 8: enter in the field your username and press login, after that in the GOD-APEX program you will find a Start Game button, press it, and the game will launch normally.

Attention: if you would like to edit the settings of the hack, you can edit them in settings in GOD-APEX.ex

Normally the aimbot key is right click mouse button and glow/esp is activated by default.

ENJOY cheating...


  1. lorsque je me connecte, un message s'affiche disant "sorry, the account you are logged into is abnormal"

  2. is this legit?? why it ask for username

  3. I am not ablw to donwload from their site pls help