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Thursday, March 26, 2020



Hello everyone on this topic I will tell you how you can crack any steam game and play its multiplayer for free. This method is working and will be updated in the future as well. So enjoy guys start playing all paid games for free.

Must Read these instructions before using this hack:

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Step by Step How to play multiplayer games for free steam:

1. First, you need to download and  install the game you want to play (codex,cpy,fitgirl.. releases), I generally download from or or

2. After downloading and installing the game you need to download the Steamworks fix from the topic.

The Steamworks fix is generally a zip file which you need to download extract then copy its content and paste it where the root directory of the game is, the game main exe should also be found there.

Important Step:

First, you need to visit the site below and check if the steamwork fix is available for your game and check if your game is supported for steamwork-fix

Having Trouble Downloading? Click here to see how to download the file above.

4. After that Download the file and Copy all content from the extracted Steamworks, paste it in the root directory of the game where the main exe is and replace all files.

5. Open steam_emu.ini and cream_api.ini/coopland.ini with notepad and change language = English IF NEEDED.

6. in cream_api.ini/coopland.ini, if the newappid=480 then it will use Spacewar
If newappid=251040 it will use payday demo, which means you will have to `open steam, login, then go to browser enter this in URL steam://install/251040, hit enter and install it with steam, after the download has started after 5 secs, pause the download and delete payday 2 demo from your steam library(uninstall), you only have to do this once if in cream_api.ini/coopland.ini, the newappid = 251040 after doing this if you get another game using this id you don't need to start the install again.

7. If all of the above is done properly, both for you and your friend, log in steam, launch game and invite your friend.

If you need any help do contact me via email, comments.

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