Updated PUBG Lite ESP/Wall, Aimbot, No Recoil, FlyCar 2020 Latest Hack

Updated PUBG Lite ESP/Wall, Aimbot, No Recoil, FlyCar 2020 Latest Hack 5 of 5

PUBG Lite HopCheats ESP, Aimbot, FlyCar 2020 Latest Hack

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Version: 1.0
Developer: Lander & Dave
Last update date: Today

Hello Everyone, I am presenting you the special kind of hack in the market for  PUBG Lite. HopCheats is one of the best hacks I have used because of its smooth esp, aimbot and the best thing is pubg developers can't detect it because its external. This hack has a 100% success rate of getting you more and more chicken dinners. "HopCheats" is the cheapest hack in the market right now. I am really glad that I get to use it.


Before you start reading the thread. I am not responsible for how you use the hack. I will suggest you use the ESP and Aimbot only. Don't kill people with the FlyCar.

PUBG Lite "HopCheats" Hack key Features:

- External (Excellent Performance - Streaming Support )
- Player ESP/Wall
- Health bar
- Item ESP
- Filter important items
- Adjustable distance
- Aimbot
- Smooth Aimbot (legit playstyle )
- Perfect prediction
- No-Recoil
- Flying CAR

Best Part We also have a hwid spoofer which is included in HopCheats!

HopCheats Reviews:

HopCheats Hack Gameplay:

HopCheats Hack Chicken Dinners:

pubg hack chicken dinner

pubg hack chicken dinner

Download the PUBGLite hack on our Discord Server

Come and join our discord server and check the further details if you are interested.

How to be safe while using PUBG Lite Hack HopCheats:

  • Use ESP Only
  • Don't kill more than 8 people.
  • Don't use aimbot in full game.
  • Try to be unnoticed
  • Try to get fewer reports

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