PUBG Lite ESP, Wall Hacks, Aimbot Hacks free 2019 Undetcted

PUBG Lite ESP, Wall Hacks, Aimbot Hacks free 2019 Undetcted 5 of 5

PUBG Lite ESP, Aimbot Hacks, Account Hacked? Here how to keep your accounts safe.

hackers in pubg lite be safe

Hello everyone, the wait for PUBG Lite is finally going to be over soon. As soon as the PUBG Lite comes to India, there is going to be a lot of Indian Streamers Coming to Youtube.

For those who don't know about PUBG Lite its a game created by PUBG developers for Low-end systems. So that everyone can enjoy the battle royal experience.

Types of PUBG Hacks:

PUBG ESP, Wallhack
PUBG Aimbot hack
PUBG No recoil hack
PUBG Magic Bullet hack
PUBG Fly Car hack
PUBG High Jump hack

PUBG Mobile New 0.15.0 Hack with Gameloop:

PUBG Lite - NoRecoil by Jackssso (AHK Macro) Undetected 2019

PUBG PC No Recoil Logitech Mouse:

Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator Bypass:

PUBG Lite No recoil AHK:

PUBG Mobile Hack Free:

PUBG Lite No Recoil v1:

Best PUBG Mobile Hack:

PUBG Mobile DEGO Hack Auto Update:

What are these hacks? ESP & Aimbot

pubg lite esp hacks

Many of you been wondering what ESP isAimbot? Let me tell you all about it. ESP is hack which can be used to see the player through walls, smokes or anything that is in front of them, Aimbot is hack which is used by people who are so bad at aiming it automatically locks the person so you can shoot. 

As soon as the PUBG Lite arrives India the game will be on some next level. Probably there will be an improvement in the anti-cheat, but still, hackers won't lay down. There are going to make the game unplayable for others.

How to get good matchmaking in PUBG?

A most commonly asked question about perfect matchmaking, To perform ideal matchmaking you should have checked the following points to do so:

- Improve your internet connection.
- Don't use Public Wifis.
- Make your system resources free.
- Enter with a full squad.

The reasons given above states that you should have a better Internet connection because the hackers and using a normally stable connection but when they are using hacks most of the hacks are server-side which is connected to check whether there's an update or not So the people with the same kind of connection gets in pair and using public wifi is really unsafe and slow. Hack consumes a lot of RAM & GPU.

Check this out for detail: 

Enter in the full squad because hackers go solo most of the time.

How to Keep your Account Safe?

Due to the popularity of PUBG, many of the PUBG accounts are getting hacked. Recently nearly 2000 PUBG account hacked requested were submitted to PUBG support team. So is there any way you can protect your account? The answer is yes. If someone asks you to visit any kind of website in a game, it means the guy is trying to steal your account ( never visit that site ). Don't keep the same passwords everywhere.

What to do if your PUBG Account got Hacked?

The first thing you need to do when your account got hacked is to get a screenshot your id and name then contact the PUBG support and tell them the whole situation how your account got hacked. They will check your IP and the reason behind the case and will give you account back as soon as possible.

Usually, people hack others account because of skins. That's really insane. I will suggest everyone be safe and secure. Happy PUBG Lite.

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    1. check the blog section name pubg hacks or I have linked the hacks in this topic above

  6. i can not find pubg lite ESP,just only pubg mobel ESP.i want to see the player through walls, smokes or anything that is in front of them on pc game(pubg lite),and thank you fou the other files(^-^)V。

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  11. Anyone who is looking for cheats in game shouldn't play the game.
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    BTW reporting this to Lightspeed & Quantum

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